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At AVRA we believe that the perfect body is the one you feel most comfortable in. Our goal is to help everyone achieve this level of comfort in their own skin. To reach our goal, we rely on innovative, cutting edge technology and equipment as well as on a team of experts including doctors, nutritionists and licensed aestheticians. By using the highest standards in the industry, we are able to guarantee the most effective results.

The AVRA WOMAN professional treatment plans are designed with the principal of individuality in mind. Whether treating the face or the body, an initial consultation and analysis by our medical professionals, doctors and nutritionist, will address all your concerns and put together a customized treatment plan to meet your specific needs. Special parameters such as body and skin type, targeted area condition, hydration, BMI, diet and lifestyle shall be taken into consideration in order to set realistic time frames, expectations and create a unique, customized protocol to ensure you become the best version of yourself!

Our #1 goal is to help you feel confident and happy in your skin.

Body Reshaping

For the body areas that resist hard workouts and strict diets, our AVRA treatment protocols include the most advanced non-invasive, painless procedures in the world, that offer results comparable to those of a surgical liposuction.

The Vanquish treatment for body reshaping
The Exilis Elite treatment for body reshaping
The Vanquish treatment for thighs reshaping

Skin Tightening

Our coveted skin tightening protocol for loose, saggy or wrinkled skin is based on the award-winning Exilis Elite. Exilis is highly recommended if you want to tighten your skin after pregnancy, fluctuation in weight or combat the effects of aging

The Exilis Elite treatment for skin tightening

Celulite Treatment

AVRA intensive protocols are successfully targeting cellulite, regardless of its stage, through the acclaimed technology that uses acoustic waves to brake down the fibrous bands that create the “orange skin effect” on the skin.

The X-Wave anti-celulite treatment
The X-Wave and Exilis protocol

Stretch Marks & Scar Treatment

Stretch marks and scars have been for a long time two of the most challenging skin problems. With the help of our innovative technology that uses the power of sound, we achieve today outstanding, visible results. Our protocol also stimulates collagen production, for rapid skin regeneration.

The X-Wave treatment for stretch marks and scars

Lymphatic Drainage

Highly recommended to complement all body reshaping and skin tightening therapies, lymphatic drainage accelerates the natural process of eliminating residual cell, creating faster results, as well as other health benefits.

The Lymphastim treatment

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

The advanced technology of the Dioda Laser permanently removes unwanted hair, from all body areas, and improves the appearance of the skin, providing excellent results from the first session.

Hair removal with Dioda Laser

Lifting Non-Invasive

A great non-surgical alternative for women who want to tighten the skin, our non-invasive lifting procedure is sculpting the face by removing isolate areas of fat from under the chin or areas of the face, while the soft lines and wrinkles are being softened out.

The Exilis treatment for face & neck rejuvenation

Facial Peeling

PCA Skin high quality, professionally applied peel solutions have great results in addressing skin concerns as: acne, hyperpigmentation and ageing. Specially customized treatment formulas increase the skin’s cells turnover rate, reducing fine lines and dark spots and clearing breakouts, for a healthy, glowing skin.

The PCA skin chemical peeling

Facial Hidrodermoabrasion

In the new age of facial microdermabrasion, Jet Peel’s technology is an innovative, multi-step, complete treatment, combing the benefits of previous technologies for wrinkle smoothing, reducing pores and acne scars and leaving the skin totally rejuvenated.

The Jet Peel facial Hidrodermabrasion

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