Precise, innovative, painless treatments for weigh loss, body reshaping and rejuvenation.


Bringing together the latest technology and the most innovative professional cosmetics,  AVRA Aesthetic Institute offers highly personalised non-invasive therapies for face and body, performed by a team of experts.

AVRA Aesthetic Institute embraces the philosophy of non-invasive beauty procedures, becoming the destination for highly precise, innovative and painless treatments for slimming, remodeling and rejuvenation, in Bucharest. Our award-winning technology, professional expertise and dedicated focus on each client ensure uncompromising results that are visible and long lasting.

At AVRA Aesthetic Institute we offer solutions for body reshaping, rejuvenation and skin tightening, the treatment of cellulite, stretch marks and scars, permanent laser hair removal, lymphatic drainage and improvement of circulation, as well as ameliorating skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation spots and premature ageing.

“We are committed to always delivering the most innovative procedures and products in the world and to be always consistent, efficient and respectful to anyone who becomes part of the AVRA family.”   – AVRA Aesthetic Institute team


Benefiting from the experience gained in over 25 years of activity in the field of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery by SkourasMed clinics in Greece, AVRA Aesthetic Institute brings now to Romania the most advanced technological solutions in the world. A team of trained aestheticians, supported by a licensed nutritionist and medical personnel, provide personalized treatment protocols that will deliver the best results in the shortest timeframe, taking into account individual variables such as age, body parameters and skin type, treatment history and lifestyle.

All the AVRA body reshaping protocols include a free personalised nutritional plan developed by our inhouse licensed nutrionist,  based on your individual body evaluation results and your diet, health and lifestyle analysis.

At the foundation of AVRA treatment protocols is the innovative technology of BTL Vanquish Me, BTL Exilis Elite, BTL X-WAVE, BTL Lymphastim, Platinum GMT Diode Laser, Jet Peel and PCA Skin.


Located in the center of Bucharest, in the outstanding “Labyrinthe Paris” on Paris street, Dorobanți area, the AVRA Aesthetic Institute promises a complete sensorial experience, in a space that incorporates original Art Deco elements, modern design features and the most advanced technology in the world.

AVRA Aesthetic Institute in Bucharest welcomes you in an atmosphere of tranquility and privacy, creating the perfect environment to experience the future of beauty and achieve your unique body goals.