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Body remodeling – everything you need to know

If you want to benefit from a body remodeling, you need to know exactly what kind of expectations you can have regarding the result, but also what are the details to pay attention to when choosing your clinic. It is also important to be informed about all existing procedures, but especially those that are indicated […]

Everything you need to know about lip care

How much attention do you pay to the care of your lips? Yes, the lips also need a care routine because the skin on the lips is different from the skin on the rest of the face. The skin on the lips is very thin and sensitive. Lips do not have sebaceous glands that help […]

Learn how to use Hyaluronic Acid CORRECTLY

  When it comes to popular ingredients to keep skin hydrated, Hyaluronic Acid frequently holds the top spot on must-have lists. Often referred to as HA, the molecule is a natural substance in the skin – a group of carbohydrates that works to maintain elasticity. It is what we know as a “moisturizer”, meaning it […]

Facial Lifting 101

Is facelift still fashionable? What does non-surgical facelift mean? Can we avoid the need for a surgical facelift if we resort to non-invasive procedures in time? These are just some of the questions I asked the specialists, trying to find out what the “future of lifting” is. When we talk about facelifts, we seem to […]

Tricks to increase the effect of skin care products (2)

Exfoliate the skin first Dead cells on the surface are like a barrier that prevents the active ingredients in the products from penetrating the skin. For the products to do their job, this barrier must be removed. The best way to remove dead cells is to exfoliate. Ordinary skin cleansers release pores by removing dirt […]

Tricks to increase the effect of skin care products (1)

Seal the active ingredients One of the best ways to stimulate absorption is to seal the active ingredients with heavy, occlusive ointments. Fatty ointments and creams with large amounts of natural fats, oils and waxes make the best occlusive agents, according to cosmetic chemists. But don’t start applying Vaseline over every care product in the […]

OBAGI Medical Facial Treatments

 Start the year with promotions and maximum results Obagi Medical takes care of your skin at Avra Aesthetic Institute! Through the innovative formulas that underlie the products, the Obagi Medical brand, also available at Avra Aesthetic Institute, aims to radically change the look and quality of your skin. We know that nothing could convince you [...]

Are genes influenced by what we eat?

The correct answer would be that yes, genes are directly influenced in the long run by our lifestyle, of course here including diet. Genes do not encode disease, they have the role of encoding a function, but on the other hand they are capable of interactions with the environment, so it matters a lot where […]


Don’t let hair get in the way! For any 4 sessions of Laser Hair Removal, we offer you 2 free sessions. Safe and truly effective, the definitive laser hair removal treatment can be used on all skin types with real and long-lasting results. {{ vc_btn: title=Request+an+appointment&style=flat&color=info&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Favrainstitute.ro%252Fcontact-en%252F%7C%7Ctarget%3A%2520_blank%7C&css=.vc_custom_1603976844942%7Bmargin-right%3A+10px+%21important%3B%7D }}{{ vc_btn: title=0765+838+383&style=flat&color=info&link=url%3Atel%253A%25200765838383%7C%7Ctarget%3A%2520_blank%7C&css=.vc_custom_1603976853395%7Bmargin-right%3A+10px+%21important%3B%7D }} At AVRA, we have chosen [...]

ELLE – februarie 2018

"Probabil te contrariaza ideea unei liposuctii fara contact, insa este posibil, printru-un tratament din noua generatie de proceduri corporale, BTL Vanquish Me. Introdusa pentru prima data  la New York , tehnologia arae rezultate remarcabile, in cazul persoanelor care vor sa scape de  grasimea abdominala. Noutatea consta in eliminartea celulelor adipoase , aplicand undele de radiofrecventa [...]