OBAGI Medical Facial Treatments

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Obagi Medical takes care of your skin at Avra Aesthetic Institute!

Through the innovative formulas that underlie the products, the Obagi Medical brand, also available at Avra Aesthetic Institute, aims to radically change the look and quality of your skin. We know that nothing could convince you more of the power of these treatments than your own experience with them.

Therefore, we offer you three Obagi Medical brand treatments, aimed at solving different skin problems, now accompanied by a super-offer.

Obagi Medical Acne Express

Discount: from 400 to 290 lei  

The Obagi Medical Acne Express protocol is exactly what you are looking for if you have oily and acne prone skin. This treatment rebalances seborrheic production and reduces the visibility of the pores, giving the skin a fresh and clean look. Skin with acne problems will be gently exfoliated with salicylic acid. The best results are obtained if a course of six sessions is followed, every two weeks. A facial treatment session with Obagi Medical Acne Express lasts 30 minutes.

Obagi Medical Age Defying Facial

Discount: from 690 to 490 lei  

This treatment is for you if you have started to notice the presence of wrinkles and fine lines on your face and you want to do something to fix them. In other words, you are looking for a treatment protocol that stimulates skin rejuvenation and counteracts the visible effects of aging. 

Obagi Medical Age Defying Facial is suitable for mature skin, which it gently cleanses, exfoliating deeply, a process by which dead cells are removed. 

In addition, vitamin C 30%, present in the composition gives a bright and regenerated look to your skin. The protocol also includes the use of products that smooth the fine wrinkles in the eye area, as well as serums that penetrate deep into the skin and regenerate collagen and elastin fibers. 

A treatment session lasts 50 minutes.

Obagi Medical Antioxidant Force Field

Discount: from 690 lei to 490 lei

Your skin needs permanent protection against the aggressions of the external environment. Obagi Medical Antioxidant Forte Field treatment is what you need, if you are among the people with visible and older skin conditions. Through the action of beneficial antioxidants and vitamin C, your skin will be healed by the signs of photo-aging.

At the same time, the treatment will stimulate the process of cell division, as well as the production of collagen and elastin, protecting against harmful factors in the environment. The result will be a uniform and bright complexion. The protocol is performed in nine steps, and for best results, we recommend at least three sessions, at an interval of 2-3 weeks. A Obagi Antioxidant Force Field Facial treatment session lasts 50 minutes.

We invite you to Avra Aesthetic Institute, to discover the power of Obagi Medical treatments! 

Offer valid until 31th of March 2021.


Don’t let hair get in the way!

For any 4 sessions of Laser Hair Removal, we offer you 2 free sessions.

Safe and truly effective, the definitive laser hair removal treatment can be used on all skin types with real and long-lasting results.

At AVRA, we have chosen the innovative Eride Smart Dual and PlatinumGMT Diode Lasers, two of the most advanced technologies for permanent hair removal in the world, that work based on the selective photothermolysis principle. The treatment parameters are adjusted to selectively eliminate hair follicles without affecting the adjacent tissues.

Eride Smart Dual and PlatinumGMT Diode Laser eliminate the unwated hair, while also improving the appearence of the skin by targeting as well the folliculitis that appeares through the removal of the hair using other depilation methods. The results are visible from the first session, regardless of the skin and hair type. While we recommend that sessions are performed starting with the cold season, for faster results as the skin is lighter in colour, we can safely use Eride Smart Dual and PlatinumGMT Diode Laser in summer as well, with the condition that the skin is only lightly tanned and limiting sun exposure before and after the treatments.

Lose your hair, not your time!

Offer valid until 31th of March 2021.