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Maria Bata’s Peeling Collection by AVRA

Promotional price: 790 Ron

You are welcome to enjoy the benefits of two beauty and rejuvenation treatments, in just one session, at Avra Institute!
The treatments included in the “Maria Bata’s Peeling Collection by AVRA” Pack were tested and appreciated by┬áMaria Bata, a successful Romanian actress in the USA, and now, the package bears her name.

By choosing “Maria Bata’s Peeling Collection by AVRA” Pack you will benefit from:

  1. Chemical peeling treatment
    Chemical peeling is a state-of-the-art skin beautification and rejuvenation technique that stimulates cell rebirth by using a combination of beneficial agents without damaging the skin. For every skin type and related problem, there is a special treatment formula that increases the rate of cell renewal, brings to the surface a new layer of cells, reduces fine wrinkles as well as post-acne and hyperpigmented spots, diminishes dilated pores and restores brightness and the freshness of the skin.
    The composition of chemical peels includes several types of acids: AHA (glycolic, lactic), BHA (salicylic acid), TCA- trichloroacetic acid.
    For the comfort of our patients, at Avra Institute we use superficial peels, performed in protocols of 3-4 sessions, every 3 weeks. This option is the safest, with the shortest recovery period and the lowest risk of side effects.
  2. Jet Peel – facial hydrodermabrasion treatment
    Jet Peel technology offers a multi-stage treatment method, both for the face and body, which combines the benefits of completely natural hydrodermabrasion with those of chemical exfoliation, by skin infiltration of nutrients such as stem cells, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides of plant origin. This last stage is called virtual mesotherapy and does not use needles. Through this procedure, a personalized cocktail of substances is infused into your skin.
    The results you will get with Jet Peel are: intense hydration, exfoliation, a strong anti-aging effect, firmness and shine. At the same time, blackheads, hyperpigmented spots, post-acne scars on the skin will be reduced. A Jet Peel also helps in rejuvenating hands and the skin of your decolletage.

We invite you to Avra Institute to convince yourself of the benefits of the “Maria Bata’s Peeling Collection by AVRA”.

*Promotional discount of 15% of the full price 790 Ron / 930 Ron! Offer valid for purchases made until the 27th of November 2020.