Body remodeling – everything you need to know

Body remodeling – everything you need to know

If you want to benefit from a body remodeling, you need to know exactly what kind of expectations you can have regarding the result, but also what are the details to pay attention to when choosing your clinic. It is also important to be informed about all existing procedures, but especially those that are indicated for you.

What does body remodeling mean? 

Body remodeling involves several aesthetic techniques and procedures that help you improve the appearance of some areas of your body. Remodeling procedures are non-invasive and produce visible results after just a few sessions. 

The main purpose of a body remodeling procedure is to remove adipose tissue from the selected area, but also to tone the skin. The result is to acquire a harmonious silhouette, with the shapes that you want. 

Who can do a body remodeling  procedure? 

A body remodeling procedure is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to get rid of adipose tissue and cellulite and “sculpt” one or more areas of the body. Body remodeling is not a solution for those who want to lose weight, on the contrary, it is dedicated to people who have a higher amount of body fat, which they cannot get rid of through classic methods of diet and sports, but do not necessarily have problems with weight.

Results of a remodeling treatment

Regardless of what you envision, it is wise to have a discussion with a specialist before starting a body remodeling treatment. He or she will answer all your questions, tell you what to expect and guide you through each stage of treatment. 

Following a body remodeling you can expect:

  • Reduction of adipose tissue on the treated area
  • Skin toning
  • Better skin elasticity
  • Remodeling of the treated area
  • Improving blood circulation

Procedures for body reshaping at  Avra Aesthetic Institute

  1. Remodeling with BTL Vanquish Me

A remodeling method that uses radiofrequency and helps remove fat cells from the body by heating adipose tissue. Following the procedure, the cells are removed naturally through the lymphatic system. It is indicated for the abdomen and thighs. 

2. Body remodeling with Venus Legacy

Represents a state-of-the-art alternative to surgical remodeling procedures. It can be applied all over the body, and the results consist of toning, smooth skin, reducing cellulite and reducing girth. 

3. Body reshaping with BTL Exilis Elite 

This procedure can be performed all over the body and consists of destroying fat cells. As a result, the circumferences are reduced. At the same time, collagen production is stimulated and the skin gains firmness. 

4. Lymphatic drainage with BTL Lymphastim

This type of lymphatic drainage fights cellulite, detoxifies and helps to regenerate the body. By relaxing the muscles, the body remodeling is facilitated. 

5. BTL X-Wave treatment against cellulite

A remodeling method that combines acoustic waves with elastic ones. They are administered simultaneously on the skin with the help of the device, resulting in firmer skin and less cellulite. 

6. Fractional Radiofrequency Venus Viva™ Treatment for Skin Surface Recovery

The procedure consists in applying small pins on the skin, which selectively induce heat and produce small micro-dermal burns, activating the body’s natural healing process. This method stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, substances that play an important role in the process of skin regeneration.

To find out more about the innovative technologies used you can access the Technology section.

If you want to reshape your body but you still don’t know which method is right for you, we are waiting for you at Avra Aesthetic Institute for proper counseling and treatment to meet your needs!