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My problem was cellulite and small stretch marks that became more visible in the sun. After only 6 sessions treatment sessions with X-Wave I felt much more confident in my skin, as my the texture improved and most of the stretch marks diminished, blending with my tanned skin. I am very happy with the results and will recommend them to all of my friends that want to feel satisfied with the way the look and have more body confidence, in any situation of their life.

Diana B

After I turned 45, I was unhappy with the way my arms looked and felt the need to cover, even when wearing the most beautiful cocktail dresses for events. I was always complimented for the way I look ”at my age”, by the sagging skin had become my biggest stress when buying clothes. After 6 session of the skin tightening treatment recommended at AVRA, I finally feel again confident to wear no-sleeve tops.

Gabriela I

I exercise almost every day, I follow a strict athlete diet, but somehow there were always two centimeters of fat on my abdomen, preventing me from seeing the ”6 packs” I had been working for. My personal trainer recommended the Vanquish Me therapy that I found at AVRA Aesthetic Institute. I liked the fact that it is non-invasive and also that the team at AVRA was very professional, helping me with all the information I needed about the procedure.

Marius M

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