Don’t let hair get in the way!

For any 4 sessions of Laser Hair Removal, we offer you 2 free sessions.

Safe and truly effective, the definitive laser hair removal treatment can be used on all skin types with real and long-lasting results.

At AVRA, we have chosen the innovative Eride Smart Dual and PlatinumGMT Diode Lasers, two of the most advanced technologies for permanent hair removal in the world, that work based on the selective photothermolysis principle. The treatment parameters are adjusted to selectively eliminate hair follicles without affecting the adjacent tissues.

Eride Smart Dual and PlatinumGMT Diode Laser eliminate the unwated hair, while also improving the appearence of the skin by targeting as well the folliculitis that appeares through the removal of the hair using other depilation methods. The results are visible from the first session, regardless of the skin and hair type. While we recommend that sessions are performed starting with the cold season, for faster results as the skin is lighter in colour, we can safely use Eride Smart Dual and PlatinumGMT Diode Laser in summer as well, with the condition that the skin is only lightly tanned and limiting sun exposure before and after the treatments.

Lose your hair, not your time!

Offer valid until 31th of May 2021.

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