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Smooth, Smoother, Smoothest

”Why haven’t I done it sooner?” Is what we hear most often from men and women alike after the first sessions of laser hair removal. Waxing, shaving and other depilation methods are reported as some of the most frustrating beauty and self-care actions.

By choosing to undergo the permanent hair removal treatments, you can have smooth skin effortlessly, with the help of the most advanced technology in the world,  the PlatinumGMT Diode Laser. The treatment will also improve the appearence of your skin by targeting the folliculitis that sometimes appeares when using other methods of depilation. The best news is that the results are visible from the first session, regardless of the skin and hair type.

Timing the start of the hair removal treatment series is essential to ensure the desired results before your next holiday, for example.  With PlatinumGMT Diode Laser, for example, it is safe to have the treatments also in summer, but it will be most efficient in colder months, when the skin is lighter in colour. Start in late summer and early autumn, if your skin is lightly tanned and you can limit sun exposure.

Compared to IPL hair removal treatments, the ones performed with the new diode laser technology have shown to be more effective: offering better results in less sessions, with more time apart between treatments. The diode laser is pain-free, while the IPL patients report feeling pain during treatment.

If you need more information about permanent laser hair removal, our AVRA therapist are ready to answer all of your questions and concerns, before recommending a personalised treatment plan. Book a consultation and evaluation session here.