Tixel is an innovation in fractional skin rejuvenation technology and is based on a thermo-mechanical ablation system.

Tixel is the newest, high-performance and elitist skin rejuvenation technology, based on the desire to treat our patients better to the highest standards.
Based on thermomechanical ablation, Tixel transfers heat energy to the skin very safely and quickly, without pain. The energy is emitted through a matrix of pyramids heated to a high temperature (~ 400C °). The pins are inserted at a depth and at a well-established speed. The thermal energy is then transmitted to the skin, after a quick contact of a few milliseconds. The water is evaporated instantly, resulting in the formation of microcracks on the treated area. Compared to ablative CO2 laser treatments, the craters obtained with Tixel are clean, without creating epidermal necrosis or carbon deposition, which ensures a faster healing.

Tixel is a versatile “3 in 1” device that can be operated in three ways.
The ablative mode, which involves the vaporization of the superficial layer of the skin, addresses deep and expressive wrinkles, post acne scars (open box, ice-peak), texture changes and dilated pores, photoaging.
The non-ablative mode is a milder treatment that preserves the epidermis, with a faster recovery period, but with the same effects. It is recommended for problems related to color changes, fine wrinkles, dull skin appearance, or photoaging.
Open channel treatment: through a unique mode of operation, Tixel can help the transepidermal passage of hydration and depigmentation products, using the basic principle of mesotherapy. This type of treatment addresses melasma, solar lentigo, keratoses. actinic, but also for skin rejuvenation.

The treatment addresses a wide range of skin problems. From the treatment of deep wrinkles and expression to post-acne scars, pigmentation disorders or dilated pores. Total pet, we improve the overall appearance of the skin.

We usually treat the face as a whole, paying more attention to areas with common problems caused by chronological aging: periorbital area, forehead, wrinkles in the corner of the eyes, nasogenic grooves or perioral region. .

The patient can feel warmth immediately after treatment, which disappears in a few hours. Compared to the treatments considered standard, Tixel is the least painful, without even the need for anesthetic creams.

It is a treatment that can be easily performed on the entire face, in about 20 minutes.

The first signs of improvement of the general appearance of the skin are found after the first week after the treatment, because the superficial layer of the skin is removed, and the skin acquires a brighter appearance.
In the following weeks, there are changes related to the components of the dermis, by increasing the activity of the cells that provide support and structure of the skin, which materializes in an effect of toning, redensifying and refreshing the skin.

After obtaining the desired result, the treatment can be repeated after a few months, in order to maintain the always young appearance of the skin.

We recommend the use of moisturizers immediately after the procedure, to soothe transient redness, then whenever possible. And obviously, sunscreen regardless of the season.

The versatility of this new therapy allows us to solve the problem of deep wrinkles in the same treatment session, using higher intensities, but we can also improve the texture of the skin, using smaller parameters.

Yes, we can also treat the delicate skin of the eyes, using an end specially adapted for these areas, and the lifting effect after a session, makes the periorbital area to be among the most requested non-invasive therapies.

Yes, including rosacea can be treated, because Tixel coagulates dilated superficial vessels in the papillary dermis, and by the action of thermomechanical ablation removes the epidermis and prevents the formation of papules and pustules (from more advanced forms of rosacea). It also promotes the release of sebum secretion from the skin.

Yes, it can also treat papulopustular acne. After the first week of treatment we notice how the pustular lesions “dry out”,
and the redness caused by an active lesion calms down faster. gradually become less noticeable.

After the redness subsides, on the surface of the skin you can see brown millimeter crusts, very little visible, which can be covered with make-up the very next day.

Precisely because the post-procedural signs are not visible, we can carry out our daily activities without having the discomfort of a skin undergoing healing, as happens in the case of chemical peels or treatments with CO2 laser or radiofrequency.

With the new treatment of thermomechanical fractionated ablation, there is no risk of post-inflammatory bleeding or hyperpigmentation. We must let the healing take place in a physiological process and not forcefully remove the crusts on the skin.

Yes, it is a treatment that men can request, we just have to adapt parameters.

From the patient’s point of view, the absence of pain could be the main advantage of Tixel before other fractional ablation treatments. Immediately follows the rapid recovery, the lack of visible signs during the healing period and last but not least, the amazing results that I begin to see after only a week.
From the doctor’s point of view, Tixel is a safe device, with predictable, precise and repeatable effects, without post-procedural complications.

Yes, and the results will not be long in coming. Especially in smokers, where the so-called “bar code” above the upper lip improves because wrinkles smooth out.

Yes, it can be a successful top treatment for melasma or pigment spots. Higher parameters are recommended, in the ablative mode to remove all the epidermal or only the superficial cell states can be targeted, through which entrance gates are created for the depigmenting substances.


Tixel fractional treatment is an innovative, versatile resurfacing treatment that can generate ablative, non-ablative or open microchannel craters through a safe, accurate and predictable effect.