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BTL Vanquish Me is a state-of-the-art technology based on the power of radio frequency in body reshaping, available and appreciated at Avra Aesthetic Institute. Vanquish Me is part of the new generation of liposuction procedures as an alternative to surgery. First introduced in New York by renowned plastic surgeons, the Vanquish Me body treatment has gained international recognition for its extraordinary results.

Specialists in revolutionary technologies for skin health and beauty highlight the Vanquish Me device as a unique and award-winning procedure worldwide. Studies have shown an approximately 29% reduction in fat layers, as well as visible results even after four years, for the Vanquish Me treatment.

If your goal is to get rid of pesky body fat, Vanquish Me is the solution. Following the treatment with Vanquish Me, you will reduce the layer of fat in the treated area, so you will visibly lose a few centimeters in the area of the abdomen and/or thighs. Without much effort your body will acquire a much more beautiful and well-defined contour.

The Vanquish Me machine dissolves fat from large areas of the body, painlessly and symmetrically, and the results obtained will motivate you to enjoy your body. The results are long-lasting if we adopt a balanced lifestyle. Vanquish Me is also the only body contouring procedure in the world that covers the entire abdomen and flanks in one session.

The multipolar radiofrequency used in Vanquish Me is specially tuned to target and dissolve fat cells in the abdomen and thighs. This is a non-invasive procedure that does not involve pain and has no harmful effects on your skin.

Vanquish Me is also a special treatment due to the homogeneous distribution of thermal energy. The device even allows the temperature to be raised over an extensive volume of fat tissue, which is the key to cumulatively reducing the circumference of certain areas of the body.

Vanquish Me therapy is aimed at treating localized fat. This method of body contouring treats, in an effective and comfortable way, the most common problem in both women and men. Following the professional use of Vanquish Me technology, fat cells are broken down, filtered and metabolized, to finally be eliminated naturally from the body.

This treatment is ideal for people who have fat on the abdomen and flanks and want to eliminate it without resorting to cosmetic surgery. The Vanquish Me machine is generally suitable for adults who want to get rid of unwanted fat deposits, of both sexes.

At the same time, the treatment is very suitable if you really want to maintain the results in the long term, through a healthy lifestyle, avoiding sedentary lifestyle.

Compared to other devices, Vanquish Me guarantees increased comfort. At the same time, there is absolutely no limitation related to the body mass index in the therapeutic indications, which means that the device can be used by any person, regardless of his body type. A recovery period is not required after the treatment.

It is important to note that people who have a metal implant cannot be treated with Vanquish Me. At the same time, pregnant or breastfeeding women are not good candidates for treatment either.

The peculiarity of the Vanquish Me technology is that it registers apoptosis, that is, the controlled death of fat cells, by applying high-power radiofrequency waves, but without coming into direct contact with the skin. More precisely, this body shaper is used from a distance of one centimeter from the skin, in the abdominal region or on the thigh area.

After you lie down comfortably, the special applicator of the Vanquish Me device is fixed one centimeter above the treated area, covering it completely but without direct contact with the skin. The Vanquish Me body shaper emits high-power radio frequency waves throughout the area, generating a unified field around the body that scans fat from all angles.

The device gently heats the layer of fat on the abdomen or thighs, thus causing thermal damage that dissolves the fat cells in a controlled manner.

Thanks to the radiofrequency waves, the temperature of the adipose tissue increases, reaching up to 45 degrees – the temperature at which fat cells dissolve.

The fat cells destroyed during each session will be naturally eliminated by the body during the following hours and days with the help of the lymphatic system.

Vanquish Me has no repercussions on the skin or internal organs. This would be a common concern of many patients, so it is important to clarify that Vanquish Me treatment is safe and does not affect health. This device has all clinical tests and is approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration).

The Vanquish Me Body Shaper is built to protect the skin and the high frequencies it works on target fat only. Skin, sweat glands, hair follicles, muscles and internal organs are not affected by Vanquish Me, according to clinical studies conducted on this device.

If the patient experiences any discomfort during the treatment, it can be stopped. In addition, there is an automatic shut-off mechanism. Vanquish Me continuously adjusts the level of energy it delivers to the tissues through a feedback and monitoring system.

Following body remodeling with Vanquish Me, you will notice visible results right from the first treatment session. On average, 6-8 sessions of Vanquish Me are sufficient, depending on the case. Each treatment session lasts around 45 minutes, for the abdomen area, or 60 minutes, for the thigh area.

The sessions are scheduled at an interval of 7-10 days, and on the rest days the body naturally eliminates dead fat cells.

So Vanquish Me is a very easy to follow and flexible treatment, even for people with active lifestyles and busy schedules.

The specified protocol is indicated by Avra therapists, following a complete evaluation and according to certain measurements and specifications of each body type, as well as according to a person’s diet and lifestyle.

One of the most important tips that you will receive from the specialists, throughout this Vanquish Me treatment process, is to hydrate yourself. It is important to drink around 3 liters of water per day, 1-2 days before the treatment, as well as on the day of the Vanquish Me treatment and 2-3 days after each session.

In this way, the energy used by the Vanquish Me device, at the level of the skin, and in the dissolution of fat layers, is made more efficient.

Also in this sense, it is important to avoid, during the periods mentioned above, intense sports activities, so as not to produce excessive sweating or dehydration of the body. Alcohol consumption is not indicated.

The price of the Vanquish Me treatment varies according to the number of sessions involved, being a competitive price compared to other alternatives intended for the same purpose.

We invite you to discover the list of prices applied within the Avra Aesthetic Institute, here.

They treat the most common problem in both men and women, that of "stubborn" local fat, in a fast, effective and comfortable way.
BTL Vanquish Me
A revolutionary new non-surgical thigh contouring method using the power of radio frequency, Vanquish Flex provides fast, visible, uniform and long-lasting results for both the inner and outer thighs, as well as the "wing" area on the thighs.

The recommended protocol will be created by the therapists following a comprehensive assessment that takes into account body measurements and individual parameters, as well as dietary and lifestyle information. Most people see changes 2 to 3 weeks after the first treatment, when the body naturally removes the destroyed fat cells. To support you in reaching your goals faster and maintaining long-term results, AVRA's reshaping protocols include a free nutritional consultation, personalized nutrition plan and diet monitoring by a licensed nutritionist.

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