Injecting Botulinum Toxin into the intimate area

Injecting Botulinum Toxin into the intimate area

This minimally invasive treatment has effects on specific problems, which cause frustration and anxiety, such as:

  • vaginismus
  • hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) in the pubic or inguinal region
  • vulvodinia (vulvar pain)

How does it work?

The treatment is personalized, after the consultation the doctor will establish the region to be injected and the required dose of botulinum toxin. The treatment is minimal-invasive, is performed under mild local anesthesia and lasts 30 minutes.

Vaginismus is a painful, complex sexual dysfunction that influences the ability to have comfortable and enjoyable sexual contact. Although often the cause of vaginismus is not clear, its manifestations are similar in all cases: increased tone of the vaginal musculature or spasm, especially in the muscle after entering the vagina, which makes sexual contact impossible. Vaginismus is accompanied by different levels of fear and anxiety of penetration. Botox treatment is very effective for all forms of vaginism, regardless of type and cause.

Dr. Raluca Hera

Medic primar obstetrica ginecologie
Doctor in Stiinte Medicale
Specialist Age Management Genital
Specialist Ginecologie Estetica

Domeniul meu de expertiza este considerat tabu pentru unele femei, iar pentru altele reprezinta o povara permanenta! Cu toate acestea, necesitatile si problemele care apar in timp in aceasta zona delicata sunt relativ frecvente, nu se rezolva de la sine si in final scad increderea in propria persoana, degradeaza calitatea vietii in general si a vietii sexuale in special.

*Disclaimer: Rezultatele pot varia de la persoana la persoana.