TIXEL ™ is a state-of-the-art dermato-aesthetic treatment for regeneration and treatment. Long-lasting structural rejuvenation with superior results to fractional laser.

Tixel is the new approach for deep skin restructuring anti-aging treatments, hitherto accessible through the co2 laser, but without the discomfort created by it.

What areas does Tixel treat?
Tixel is mainly used on the face, around the eyes (including the eyelids), the folds of the neck, the décolleté area, the hands, arms, legs and abdomen. Tixel is perfect for someone who wants to get smoother, brighter and healthier skin, especially around the eyes, without the post-procedure side effects of other treatments – normal activities can be resumed after treatment, with the recommended regular use of a high factor sunscreen (50 SPF). The results are long lasting, provided that all subsequent care instructions are followed.
With the help of Tixel you get a skin restructuring, “resurfacing”, but it also treats various skin conditions such as:

  • Post-acne scars
  • Pigmentation lesions and melasma
  • Stretch
  • Scars
  • Laxitate

Tixel is a long-term treatment. After a recommended number of treatment sessions, the results are long lasting, provided all follow-up instructions are followed.

What is the recovery period?
The recovery time for a Tixel treatment is normally between 1-2 days and a week, however the non-functional time period can be controlled to meet the patient’s expectations. For example, milder treatments will cause minimal downtime, and more aggressive treatments will prolong recovery.

The number of treatments depends on several factors, including the severity of the condition and the recovery time that the patient is prepared to tolerate, but we normally recommend 1-5 treatments every 3 to 4 weeks for the most effective results.

How it works?
Tixel is a versatile “3 in 1” device that can be operated in three ways.
The ablative mode, which involves the vaporization of the superficial layer of the skin, addresses deep and expressive wrinkles, post acne scars (open box, ice-peak), texture changes and dilated pores, photoaging.
The non-ablative mode is a milder treatment that preserves the epidermis, with a faster recovery period, but with the same effects. It is recommended for problems related to color changes, fine wrinkles, dull skin appearance, or photoaging.
Open channel treatment: through a unique mode of operation, Tixel can help the transepidermal passage of hydration and depigmentation products,
using the basic principle of mesotherapy. This type of treatment addresses melasma, solar lentigo, actinic keratoses, but also for skin rejuvenation.


Conventional lasers will become history
Tixel represents an innovation in fractional skin rejuvenation technology and is based on a thermo-mechanical ablation system.
Laser split technologies are painful (even when using anesthetic creams), require a healing time of about 10 days, and can sometimes be accompanied by post-procedural complications. The energy responsible for vaporizing tissues with the CO2 laser is a purely thermal one. Tixel capitalized on this principle, creating a metallic element with a high thermal conductivity, heated to a temperature of ~ 350-400 ° C, which put it in contact with the skin for a period. for a few milliseconds to produce an ablative effect, which is clinically and histopathologically identical to invasive treatments, but without the inconvenience of such an intervention.

After performing the procedure, the healing takes place in normal parameters, with the appearance of a transient erythema on the first day, followed by the formation of very small crusts, which can be camouflaged with cosmetics, even the next day. The
first signs of improvement the general appearance of the skin is noticed after the first week after the treatment, because the superficial layer of the skin is removed, and the skin acquires a brighter appearance.
In the following weeks, there are changes related to the components of the dermis, by increasing the activity of the cells that provide support and structure of the skin, which materializes in an effect of toning, redensifying and refreshing the skin.

The new fractional ablation therapy addresses a wide range of skin problems, but can be used with excellent results on the décolleté and neck.
The results are visible after the first session.
The recovery period is short, with the disappearance of erythema in the first two days. happens in the case of other invasive treatments (chemical peels, fractionated CO2, radio frequency).

There is no risk of bleeding, scarring or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The treatment does not create any discomfort for the patient and does not require the application of anesthetic creams, being completely painless. This low level of pain, compared to laser treatments, is due to the fact that although the total energy applied to vaporize the tissues is similar to that of the CO2 laser, Tixel uses only a fraction of the thermal energy density, and the entire matrix (1cm ²) of The metal tip heated to ~ 350-400 ° C is obtained in a single step, of about 10-15ms.
Tixel fractional treatment is an innovative, versatile resurfacing treatment that can generate ablative, non-ablative or open microchannel craters through a safe, accurate and predictable effect.

*Results may vary from person to person.