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The team of doctors within AVRA uses the newest techniques, non-invasive as least invasive, to correct aesthetic problems and the substances used are recognized and officially registered on the Romanian market.
At the AVRA Aesthetic Institute, we offer solutions for body remodeling, skin rejuvenation and firmness, cellulite treatment, stretch mark and scar reduction, permanent hair removal with laser technology, lymphatic drainage and improved circulation.
Precise, innovative and pain-free treatments for weight loss, reshaping and rejuvenation. Award-winning technology, specialized expertise and a dedicated focus on each client guarantee uncompromising, visible and long-term results.
Avra specialists recommend visiting a dermatologist at least once a year. It's important to pay close attention to your skin health and any signs that something may be wrong, especially if you have fair skin, moles that have changed shape or color.
In our clinic you can choose from a wide range of permanent laser hair removal techniques, depending on the area of the body you want to work on, your preferred device or the intention you come with: aesthetic or medical.
My field of expertise is considered taboo for some women, and for others it represents a permanent burden! However, the needs and problems that arise over time in this delicate area are relatively frequent and do not resolve themselves.
Through the nutrigenetic testing service, at Avra Aesthetic Institute we address, in particular, people who face problems of localized fat and who call for body remodeling services, within our center.
Professional make-up is a personalized service designed to accentuate features, highlight eyes, lips or cheekbones and correct imperfections. Professional makeup is designed to last throughout the event.
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