Natural results and reduced discomfort during treatment

Injectable lipolysis

It reduces localized deposits of fat in the abdomen, knees, hips, thighs and even the double chin

Natural results and reduced discomfort during treatment

Injectable lipolysis

It reduces localized deposits of fat in the abdomen, knees, hips, thighs and even the double chin

Injectable procedures with quick results, visible in the long term

Injectable lipolysis has beneficial effects in reducing localized fat deposits in the abdomen, knees, hips, thighs and even the double chin. Eliminates bags under the eyes and reduces cellulite and stretch marks, being a safe and effective alternative to surgical procedures. With the help of injectable lipolysis, fatty deposits that do not respond to diet and sports can also be eliminated.

The procedure consists in the intradermal introduction with very fine needles, in areas with adipose tissue, of the unique PB Serum mixture chosen by the doctor according to the problem being treated. The treatment is not painful, has an affordable price and does not require a recovery period.

The advantages of injectable lipolysis:
  • reduces adipose tissue evenly on the treatment area;
  • minimally invasive procedure;
  • no loose skin remains;
  • uniform attenuation;
  • requires no recovery time;
  • increases skin elasticity;
  • cumulative anti-cellulite and slimming action on the same area.
Injectable lipolysis results

Medical studies have shown that the dissolved fat cells do not regenerate, which means that the fat deposits that have been treated are permanently eliminated. This happens if the weight remains unchanged. But if we gain weight, other fat cells can increase in volume and partly the fat tissue is restored. So in order to benefit as long as possible from the effects of lipolysis, it is associated with a balanced lifestyle, proper hydration and exercise.

What is PB Serum?

The famous Proteos Biotech laboratories propose a revolutionary line of aesthetic products: the PB Serum range, which is now available at Avra Institute. Because Proteus Biotech products use biotechnology as the basis of research and development of state-of-the-art treatment solutions, the ingredients chosen have proven applications in aesthetic medicine. The technology behind PB Serum provides rapid action on the treatment area and focuses on treating post-surgical fibrosis, burn and graft scars, skin lesions, as well as restoring the skin’s collagen network with a visible effect lifting.
How does the product work?
All the benefits offered by PB Serum are due to the action of a true cocktail of enzymes and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, specially designed for each of the skin problems for which the product was created. The enzymes in PB Serum are proteins that already exist in the human body and that have a fundamental role in the functioning of metabolic processes:
  • Lipase, which helps eliminate localized adipose tissue;
  • Collagenase, which helps treat fibrosis and fade scars, cellulite and stretch marks and Lyase;
  • Lyase: has the ability to reduce fluid retention caused by edema.
Thanks to its anti-inflammatory qualities and capacity for regeneration and rejuvenation, the PB Serum product stimulates the restoration of collagen in the tissue on which the treatment is used, and the results are immediate, the skin texture also being visibly improved.
Why choose PB Serum?

At Avra Institute, the PB Serum range contains three treatment options, depending on your needs:

1. PB Serum Medical HIGH: This product is intended for the treatment of persistent fibrosis, post-surgical fibrosis, along with scars and cellulite. After an intensive treatment with high-level enzyme agents applied to scars caused by burns and grafts, the elasticity and flexibility of the skin will be improved and the skin color will be evened out. In addition, applied to a lesion and around it, the product restores volume and symmetry, improves gesticulation, microcirculation and skin texture.

2. PB Serum Medical MEDIUM: It has beneficial effects in eliminating accumulations of adipose tissue associated with fibrosis.
Through deep intralesional infiltration of medium-level enzymatic agents, adipose tissue in areas affected by post-surgical fibrosis will be progressively reduced. Through superficial and deep application of the product, flaccidity and the problem of localized fat, associated with fibrosis, as a result of a surgical complication, are simultaneously treated.

3. PB Serum Medical LOW: stimulates cell regeneration, reduces fluid retention, in fibrosis processes.
Low-level enzyme agents are applied to the surface for the treatment of flaccidity associated with fibrosis. In this way, fibrosis is reduced, the collagen network in the skin is restored, making it firmer, more stretched.
By using the product at the level of the periocular bags, the treatment of fibrosis associated with edema is carried out. Thus, fluid accumulation is reduced and the eye area is visibly rejuvenated.

Recommendations after injectable lipolysis treatment
After each session in the next 1-2 days:
  • avoid intense sports, sauna, swimming pool;
  • it is recommended to wear loose clothing so as not to hinder the lymphatic circulation;
  • consume 2 liters of water per day and low-carbohydrate diet;
  • SPF50+ is applied if the treatment was performed on areas exposed to the sun.
  • active skin lesions on the treatment area;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • treatment with anticoagulants;
  • administration of a vaccine in the last 15 days.
If you want to improve your physical appearance with the help of a minimally invasive treatment such as injectable lipolysis, we are waiting for you at Avra Aesthetic Institute, where, for the price of a few sessions, you will enjoy the body you want.
PB Serum 1 box/session
PB Serum 2 boxes/session


The results of the treatments depend on your health, sex, age, etc., and may be different from person to person.

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