We specifically address people who are dealing with localized fat problems.

Nutrigenetic tests

The nutrigenetic test is non-invasive. For a test of this kind, saliva is collected. Afterwards, you will receive a personalized report.

Nutrigenetic tests will help you discover food intolerances.

Just type the word “diet” into a search engine and you’re sure to find plenty of options that promise to help you lose weight or maintain your ideal weight. However, not many people consider the genetic factor when thinking about healthy lifestyle and eating habits. What might work for some people might fail for others.

Nutrigenetics is a science that proposes personalized nutrition and the acquisition of eating habits adapted to each one, with the help of specialists. There is a correlation between genes, metabolism and diet. The genetic characteristics you have impact the way your body responds to nutrients.

Avra Aesthetic Institute offers, starting in 2021, the possibility of performing two nutrigenetic tests, in partnership with Nutriscience.

What are nutrigenetic tests?

Through the nutrigenetic testing service, at Avra Aesthetic Institute we address, in particular, people who face problems of localized fat and who call for body remodeling services, within our center. So, nutrigenetic tests are for those people who have a high BMI and have difficulty maintaining a normal weight, certain intolerances such as gluten, caffeine, alcohol, lactose and micronutrient deficiencies.

At the same time, nutrigenetic tests can also be accessed by people who want to maintain their weight and follow a balanced lifestyle without excesses.

With the help of nutrigenetic tests and their interpretation by our partner, Nutriscience, you will learn how to eat healthily, without diets that do not suit you and are difficult for you to follow. Plus, you’ll have science on your side so you can maintain your optimal body weight and have a high quality of life.

Nutrigenetic tests will also help you know which food intolerances you inherit and which influence your health, as well as which diseases you are prone to and which you can influence, through nutrition, so that you can make the necessary changes, for your well-being.

What nutrigenetic tests can you do in Avra and how?

The nutrigenetic test is non-invasive. For a test of this kind, saliva is collected. Afterward, you will receive a personalized report with information on how your body reacts to certain foods, based on the DNA information obtained, as well as what types of foods are best to eat and in what proportions.

In the Avra Aesthetic Institute portfolio we have two nutrigenetic tests:

  • Woman’s Health + Phamacogenetic test
  • Healthy Life + Pharmacogenetic test

These two tests have points in common as well as points that distinguish them.

What is the difference between the two nutrigenetic tests?

The Healthy Life + Pharmacogenetic Test is for both women and men who pursue healthy nutrition and want to know their biological limits and potential for metabolic diseases. The test looks at genetic variations that influence optimal nutrient needs in adults.

Common points in the two nutrigenetic tests

First of all, it is important to note that both tests have an extremely high accuracy that uses state-of-the-art technology. At AVRA, we chose these tests because, of the tests available in Romania, they analyze the most genes (Healthy Life 66/ Woman’s Health 72) and genetic variations (Healthy Life 207/ Woman’s Health 218).

The two nutrigenetic tests available at Avra Aesthetic Institute highlight, beyond what has already been specifically specified, the genetic variations that will influence the optimal nutrient requirements for adults and estimate, on a genetic basis, a person’s potential to to practice certain types of physical exercise and the impact that physical effort has on her metabolism.

Whichever test you choose, you will receive the necessary information regarding the optimal daily nutritional recommendations, along with your risk of developing some metabolic imbalances, among others – obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gastric cancer and others, as well as nutritional recommendations that are right for you.

Also targeting genotypes associated with exercise and sports performance, each of the two tests will reveal important information about genetic predispositions in cardiac, vascular and respiratory functions, as well as muscle functions, your body weight and weight gain potential, and how physical exertion influences your metabolism.

As for the Woman’s Health + Pharmacogenetic test, it is for women who want to be healthy and have a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby. The test also analyzes the genetic variations present in women and which directly influence the optimal amount of nutrients necessary for the healthy development of the fetus, during pregnancy, as well as of the newborn, during the breastfeeding stage.

Following this test, possible mutations in the LCT gene in lactose intolerance will be detected, so that you will know whether or not the unborn child can consume breast milk and formulas containing lactose. The test will also highlight variations in TPK1 associated with newborn weight, determining daily thiamine intake during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The test also covers adenosine metabolism, choline, vitamin A, betaine and folate metabolism, as well as specific consumption recommendations.

Woman’s Health + Phamacogenetic Test
Healthy Life + Pharmacogenetic Test


The results of the treatments depend on your health, sex, age, etc., and may be different from person to person.

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