Everything you need to know about lip care

Everything you need to know about lip care

How much attention do you pay to the care of your lips?

Yes, the lips also need a care routine because the skin on the lips is different from the skin on the rest of the face.

The skin on the lips is very thin and sensitive. Lips do not have sebaceous glands that help keep the skin lubricated and protected and their only source of hydration is saliva. That is why they can dry and crack easily. Melanin (which has the role of protecting from ultraviolet rays) is also missing from the skin of the lips so there is a higher risk of sunburn and skin cancer.

Signs of healthy lips are volume and hydration. Lips are like a sponge: when exposed to moisture, they absorb water and become smooth. When dehydrated, it dries and wrinkles. As you get older, fine lines and wrinkles will begin to appear on your lips at a faster rate than on the rest of your face.

Smoking is a major cause of premature aging of the lips. In addition to the damage caused by smoke toxins, smokers are more likely to develop wrinkles around the mouth, due to the repeated use of perioral muscles to smoke. The negative effects of the environment often result in dry and cracked lips.

Improper lip care can also increase the risk of inflammation, infection and burning sensations. The good news is that once you start taking care of your lips, you can reverse the signs of aging relatively quickly.

Here are some essential steps for proper lip care:

  • Exfoliate the lips once a week with a gentle exfoliant and then apply a moisturizing mask to combat their dryness and cracking.
  • Be sure to avoid scrubs with salicylic acid, as it can erode the outer layer of the lips and damage the layers of new skin.
  • The night before bed, apply a generous layer of intensive repairing treatment for the lips. The ones we recommend are the following:

          1) Lip Repair from SkourasMed 

          2) PCA Hyaluronic Acid Lip Booster 

          3) PCA Peptide Lip Therapy

Advanced lip products that instantly moisturize while improving long-term lip volume, hydration, and softness.

  • Apply a nourishing lip balm throughout the day as needed and if your lips are prone to dryness, avoid transfer-resistant lipsticks as they dry out the lips.
  • When you are at the beach, use a lip balm with SPF to protect them from sun damage.
  • And stop licking your lips! Saliva evaporates quickly taking with it any moisture that is already on the lips, leaving them even drier.

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