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Facial Lifting 101

Is facelift still fashionable? What does non-surgical facelift mean? Can we avoid the need for a surgical facelift if we resort to non-invasive procedures in time? These are just some of the questions I asked the specialists, trying to find out what the “future of lifting” is.

When we talk about facelifts, we seem to be spinning in a circle. There is a strong social pressure not to show our age, removing the signs of the passage of time, but at the same time it must not be so obvious that we have intervened in any way in the process of aging “beautifully”.

The “middle” way

Recently, non-surgical cosmetic procedures have been developed and with the right combinations we can have great results and benefits. There are many people who do not like the idea of ​​an operation, taking into consideration all that it entails (anesthesia, hospitalization, postoperative period with edema, bruising etc) and prefer a change through an easier way“, says Dr. Silvia Stănculescu, plastic surgeon at AVRA Aesthetic Institute.

One of the procedures with spectacular results is the non-surgical lifting with resorbable threads, known as “Thread Lift”. The procedure is recommended when signs such as loss of skin firmness begin to appear, accompanied by the onset of changes in facial contour and relief. “We see these signs starting at the age of 30-35, when there are concerns about the firmness and appearance of the facial skin“, says Dr. Stănculescu. How does Thread Lift help us? “Simply applicable, the non-surgical lifting with threads “brings back” the tissues to their initial place.The results are seen immediately, being optimal 3 weeks after the procedure. Studies show that even 3 years after the procedure there is synthesis of neocollagen. In addition, the treatment can be repeated“, adds Dr. Stănculescu.

Thread Lift is a minimally invasive treatment, and in the first week after treatment there may be small bruises and a slight tension, but most daily activities are unaffected.

Non-invasive lifting

A non-invasive facelift alternative is the use of combination of the power of radio frequency waves and ultrasound. “State-of-the-art” devices such as BTL Exilis or Venus Viva stimulate the skin to the deep dermis, reshaping existing collagen and elastin fibers, and at the same time stimulate cells (fibroblasts) to synthesize new collagen fibers“, says Dr. Adelina Vasilescu, dermatologist at AVRA Aesthetic Institute.

We can use these procedures from the age of 30. After the non-invasive lifting treatment we can observe smoothing of fine lines and redefinition of face contour. According to studies the skin quality has improved over 30%. The skin texture is enhanced and the face regains its fresh and youthful appearance. The results are visible right after the first meeting, but the final result will be evaluated one month after the end of the whole protocol. It is generally recommended to repeat the treatment once every 6-8 months to maintain the results, but the recommendations are customized for each individual patient.

Radiofrequency treatments, such as BTL Exilis Elite and Venus Viva are comfortable and painless. The only sensation perceived by the patient is a moderate heat in the treated area. There are no side effects, and anesthesia or recovery time is not needed.
It is a procedure that we can easily schedule during the lunch break, after which we can immediately return to our daily activities.

Another treatment that has gained a very good reputation in combating the effects of the passage of time is the minimally invasive treatment based on Fractional Radiofrequency (such as Venus Viva Nanofractional RF). This is basically a resurfacing treatment, restoring the surface of the skin and thus being ideal for treating post-acne scars, dilated pores, moderate and deep wrinkles, skin laxity and stretch marks. “The procedure is performed in the aesthetic institute after applying an anesthetic cream, to remove any discomfort. After treatment, it is recommended to apply a moisturizer and it is mandatory to use sunscreen products with SPF 50+. The recovery time is 3-4 days, during which the skin is slightly inflamed, but patients can use makeup starting the day after treatment. Depending on the problem treated, 2-6 treatment sessions may be needed, performed every 3-4 weeks”, says Dr. Vasilescu.

The final frontier

According to specialists, a combination of non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments performed starting with the first signs of skin aging, can delay the need for a surgical facelift.

Surgical lifting is still indicated in case of significant skin excess or significant laxity, most often after the age of 50-55 years“, confirms Dr. Silvia Stănculescu. Patients’ concerns before such a procedure are related to risks, anesthesia and pain. “The main benefit is a rejuvenated look, which is maintained for a longer period. The recovery period is, on average, 4 weeks post-operative, and the risks are those of any surgical procedure of similar complexity and magnitude”, adds Dr. Stănculescu.

The question “What do you think about facelift? Will you resort to this procedure if necessary? ”, is in today’s society one that we all respond to after the age of 35. We now have the freedom to choose exactly to what extent we want to intervene and what we want to see in the mirror after the age of 60.

I believe that everyone has the opportunity to choose what suits them. The most important thing is to analyze the available options and see the “pros & cons” and then make a decision. In many cases we have seen good results even by combining procedures, for example the preparation and stimulation of the skin through non-invasive therapies, followed by minimally invasive therapies such as fractionated variants or resorbable threads. The latter have a better result on a prepared and stimulated complexion, regardless of age. The choice of age to intervene differs greatly from person to person because we have different skin types, a personal genetic background and each one of us has a different skin care ritual, so the appearance in most cases no longer takes into account only age. It is certainly better to prevent by small changes, such as properly applied sunscreen, regardless of the season or professional treatments performed at appropriate intervals to stimulate the tissue to regenerate. This way we can postpone the moment when the questions related to the facelift will appear.