Lymphastim represents a technologically advanced solution for enhancing lymphatic flow and blood circulation, while evacuating residuals and achieving a relief of edema, neuropathy or heavy leg syndrome. Combined with other AVRA treatments, Lymphastim accelerates their effects while simultaneously aiding the body to purify itself.

You will be wearing a special Lymphastim costume consisting of a pair of trousers or special sleeves. While you lie down comfortably, the Velcro costume inflates and deflates, pressing and releasing the skin and muscles. Through this movement, the lymphatic flow in peripheral and deep lymph nets is stimulated. This helps in the evacuation of metabolic residuals from the interstitial spaces and enhances an immunological system response.

In our AVRA protocols, Lymphastym is usually combined with the X-Wave, Exilis Elite and Vanquish ME treatments, improving their effects by accelerating the elimination of destroyed fat cells. Lymphastim is also recognized for improving a series of conditions such as: edema, heavy-leg syndrome, body pain (neuropathy, neuralgia), diabetic angiopathy, acrocyanosis, arthrosys and gout.
Lymphastim is efficient in post-liposuction recovery, assisting the muscle tissue regenerate and regain its elasticity.

Lymphastim improves blood circulation and the the lymphatic flow, and supports the weight loss process. The overall effects that can be noticed are a tightened skin and body, and a general state of wellbeing.

The number of treatment sessions varies according to the issue at hand. A minimum of 4-6 sessions is usually recommended, since Lymphastim is usually used after each of the other body treatments.

Lymphastim is a noninvasive, painless procedure. During the treatment you will wear a Velcro costume, which inflates and deflates, creating a press and release movement. During the Lymphastim procedure you will only feel a soft, relaxing pressure.

Lymphatic Drainage