Vanquish ME is a huge breakthrough in the new age of bloodless liposuction. First introduced in New York by leading plastic surgeons, the technology gained high acclaims for its extraordinary results. The novelty of the therapy is that it achieves apoptosis (controlled death) of the fat cells with the use of high power Radiofrequency waves, but without actually touching the skin. Vanquish ME is applied from a distance of one centimeter of the skin, in the areas, permanently dissolving the fat from large areas of the body (like the abdomen and thighs) symmetrically, painlessly and touch-free. The Vanquish Me technology uses two specially designed devices, one for the abdomen and one for the thighs area.

Once the patient lies comfortably, the special applicator of the device is set one centimeter above the abdominal abdominal are or thighs, totally and symmetrically embracing it. Vanquish ME emits high power Radiofrequency waves in the entire area, creating a unified field around the body, which scans the fat from all sides. Due to the Radiofrequency waves, the temperature of the fat tissue rises, reaching up to forty-five degrees – the temperature where the fat cells dissolve. The fat cells that are destroyed in every session will be eliminated naturally by the body during the next hours and days, through the lymphatic system.

The Vanquish ME therapy is targeting the problem of local fat it. It treats the most common problem for both men and women, that of ”stubborn” local fat, in a way that is fast, efficient and comfortable.

Using Vanquish ME, a large amount of fat cells is being destroyed in every session. You will lose centimeters in the troubled areas and the problem of the local fat is being permanently tackled, a process aided by the simultaneous adoption of a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, monitored by the AVRA nutritionist. Since the therapy destroys the fat cells, instead of only shrinking them, the result is permanent, as fat cells are not reborn during adult life.

The Vanquish ME is a very safe, painless procedure causing no scars or bruises during or after the therapy. Since there are no nerve endings in the fat, no heat may be sensed and at the skin level, due to intense blood flow, the temperature of approximately 45 degrees is usually perceived as a pleasant, mellow heat, resembling a hot bath. The whole procedure is non-invasive, contactless, and requires no recovery time. You can easily have the treatment during your lunch break, and return to your daily activities immediately.

In average 4-6 sessions are sufficient, with visible results already after the first treatment. Sessions may be performed every 7-10 days, since the organism needs, during this period, to naturally eliminate the dead fat cells. Hydration of the patient is vital throughout the entire process, before, after and during all the sessions. The Vanquish ME body reshaping session takes only 45 minutes, making it easy to squeeze into your busy program.

The body remains symmetrical and the problem of local fat does not reoccur, even in the case of weight gain after the therapy. The Radiofrequency waves also stimulate the production of collagen causing the skin to tighten up and thus also tackle the problem of loose skin. Patients do witness loss of centimeters in every session, but the results become even more obvious around 2 to 3 months after the last treatments. Our AVRA in-house nutritionist will provide a free nutritional plan and monitoring in order to support you in maintaining your results long term.

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