BTL Vanquish Me is a modern technology, based on the power of radio frequency, in terms of body remodeling, available and appreciated at Avra ​​Aesthetic Institute. BTL Vanquish Me is part of the new generation of liposuction procedures, as an alternative to surgery. Introduced for the first time in New York, by renowned plastic surgeons, BTL Vanquish Me body treatment has gained international recognition, due to its extraordinary results. 

We invite you to discover for yourself the advantages of this modern body remodeling technique, which will help you get to the body shape you want.

Specialists in revolutionary technologies dedicated to skin health and beauty, recognize the Vanquish Me device as a unique and award-winning procedure worldwide. Studies have shown that there is a 29% reduction in fat layers, as well as visible results even after four years, when using the BTL Vanquish Me treatment. 

If your goal is to get rid of the annoying body fat, BTL Vanquish Me is the solution. Following the treatment with Vanquish Me, you will reduce the layer of fat in the treated area, losing a few centimeters in the abdomen and / or thighs. Without putting too much effort, your body will acquire a much more beautiful and better defined contour.  

The BTL Vanquish Me device dissolves fat from large areas of the body, painlessly and symmetrically, and the results will motivate you to better enjoy your body. The results are long lasting if you adopt a balanced lifestyle. Vanquish Me is, in fact, the only body reshaping procedure in the world that covers the entire abdomen and flanks in one sitting.

The multipolar radiofrequency used in Vanquish Me is specially tuned to target and dissolve fat cells in the abdomen and thighs. This is a non-invasive procedure that does not involve pain and has no harmful effects on your skin. 

Vanquish Me is a special treatment also due to the homogeneous distribution of thermal energy. The device even allows the temperature to rise over an extensive volume of fatty tissue, which is the key to cumulatively reducing the circumference of certain areas of the body. 

Vanquish Me therapy is aimed at treating local fat. This method of body remodeling treats, in an efficient and comfortable way, the most common problem, both in women and men. Following the professional use of BTL Vanquish Me technology, fat cells are broken down, filtered and metabolized, and they are finally eliminated naturally from the body.

This treatment is ideal for people who have fat deposits on the abdomen and flanks and want to remove it without resorting to cosmetic surgery. The Vanquish Me device is generally suitable for adults who want to get rid of unwanted fat deposits, of both sexes.

At the same time, the treatment is very suitable if you really want to maintain the results on the long run, through a healthy lifestyle and by avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.

Compared to other devices, BTL Vanquish Me guarantees increased comfort. At the same time, there is absolutely no limitation related to the body mass index in therapeutic indications, which means that the device can be used by anyone, regardless of their body type. No recovery period is required after treatment. 

It is important to note that people who have a metal implant cannot be treated with Vanquish Me. At the same time, pregnant or breastfeeding women are not considered good candidates for this type of treatment.

The peculiarity of Vanquish Me technology is that it records apoptosis, as in  the controlled or programmed death of fat cells, applying high power radio frequency waves, without coming into direct contact with the skin. Specifically, this body shaper is used at a distance of one centimeter from the skin, in the abdominal region or on the thighs. 

After lying down comfortably, the special applicator of the Vanquish Me device is fixed one centimeter above the treated area, covering it completely but without direct contact with the skin. The Vanquish Me body shaper emits high-power radio frequency waves throughout the area, generating a unified field around the body that scans fat from all angles. 

The device gently heats the layer of fat on the abdomen or thighs, thus causing thermal damage that dissolves fat cells in a controlled manner.

Due to radio frequency waves, the temperature in the adipose tissue rises, reaching up to 45 degrees – the temperature at which fat cells dissolve. 

The fat cells destroyed during each session will be eliminated naturally by the body over the next few hours and days, through the lymphatic system. 

After each BTL Vanquish Me treatment session, a large number of fat cells are being destroyed. This way, you will lose centimeters from the treated areas and the problem of local fat  will be permanently solved. The body remains symmetrical, even in the case of weight gain after treatment.

In order to sustain the best results obtained with Vanquish Me on the long term, it is important to have a balanced diet and, why not, to seek the help of a nutritionist from the Avra ​​Aesthetic Institute team. A nutrition consultant from our center can offer you the most suitable personalized nutritional plan, while also monitoring your diet. 

Vanquish Me has no effect on the skin or internal organs. This would be a common concern for many patients, so it is important to clarify that treatment with Vanquish Me is safe and does not affect health. This device has been on all stages of clinical trials and is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The Vanquish Me body shaper is built to protect the skin, and the high frequencies on which it works are aimed exclusively at fat. The skin, sweat glands, hair follicles, muscles and internal organs are not affected by the Vanquish Me device, according to clinical studies performed on it. 

If the patient experiences any discomfort during treatment, it may be stopped. In addition, there is an automatic shut-off mechanism. The BTL Vanquish Me device continuously adjusts the level of energy it delivers to the tissues, through a feedback and monitoring system.

Following body reshaping with Vanquish Me, you will notice visible results right after the first treatment session. On average, 6-8 Vanquish Me sessions are enough, on a case-by-case basis. Each treatment session lasts about 45 minutes for the abdomen area, or 60 minutes for the thigh area. 

Sessions are scheduled at an interval of 7-10 days, and on break days the body naturally eliminates dead fat cells. 

So, Vanquish Me is a very easy to follow and flexible treatment, including for people with an active lifestyle and a busy schedule. 

The specified protocol is indicated by Avra ​​therapists, following a complete assessment and according to certain measurements and specifications of each body type, as well as according to a person’s diet and lifestyle. 

One of the most important tips you will receive from specialists throughout this treatment process with Vanquish Me is to stay hydrated. It is important to drink about 3 liters of water a day, 1-2 days before treatment, as well as on the day of treatment with Vanquish Me and 2-3 days after each session. 

This way, the skin’s energy is being used by the Vanquish Me device, better dissolving the layers of fat. 

Also in this regard, it is important to avoid during the periods mentioned above intense sports activities, in order to avoid profuse sweating or dehydration of the body. Alcohol is also not indicated.   

The price of Vanquish Me treatment varies depending on the number of sessions involved. It is a competitive price, compared to other alternatives. 

We invite you to discover the list of prices practiced at Avra ​​Aesthetic Institute, HERE.