Venus Legacy system, an advanced non-invasive technology, designed for beauty from head to toe. Is the world’s number one FDA-approved device that uses 4D technology. It combines multi-polar radio frequency, pulsed electromagnetic fields and VariPulse technology with real-time thermal feedback.

Venus Legacy is based on patented technology (MP) 2, which combines multi-polar radio frequency (RF) and pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF).

Multi-polar (RF) radiofrequency uses a special algorithm to transmit homogeneous heating over several layers of tissue, which allows for a faster increase in heat and easier maintenance of the therapeutic temperature. In short, the efficiency of the device is high, the safety for the patient is increased, and the experience of the treatment is a pleasant one.

Pulsed electro-magnetic fields represent a non-thermal technology, emitted by the electrodes of the applicators, which amplifies the effects of multi-polar radio frequency. Pulsed electromagnetic fields are effective in triggering the regenerative processes of the skin and have been used in conventional medicine for decades.

Together, multi-polar radiofrequency and electromagnetic fields have a synergistic effect, intensifying collagen synthesis, for firmer skin and the formation of new capillaries.

Venus Legacy treatment can be used to improve the appearance of several body areas: abdomen, buttocks, thighs, legs, knees, back, arms or goiter.

Through Venus Legacy technology we deal with:

  • reduction of wrinkles;
  • smoothing face, neck and body skin;
  • non-surgical body remodeling;
  • reduction of waist circumference;
  • body contouring and toning;
  • reduction of cellulite in the treated areas;
  • improving the skin texture, right from the first sessions;
  • improving blood circulation;
  • treating skin laxity.

A session lasts about 30 minutes and does not require recovery time. You can resume your daily routine immediately after the procedure.

With our package of 10 Venus Legacy sessions, depending on your needs, your figure will be redefined and you will enjoy your dream body. Depending on the treatment areas, at Avra Aesthetic Institute the procedure takes between 15-90 minutes. After the first session, you will notice a visible improvement of the treated area, and the results amplify as the sessions progress.

No. The results of Venus Legacy treatments are cumulative, which means that they can be better observed with each additional treatment. After the final session of the treatment plan, the results will continue to improve for up to three, four months. In maintaining results, lifestyle and healthy eating habits are very important. If you do not experience major weight changes, the results of the treatment will last about 6 months. For maintenance, a radio frequency session with Venus Legacy is recommended once a month.

Venus Legacy treatment is not recommended for people suffering from varicose veins, who have broken blood vessels in the area to be treated, suffering from skin diseases. At the same time, the device is not used in case of pregnancy and lactation, or when a person has metal implants / jewelry / metal items on the treated area.

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