The Lymphastim treatment

Lymphatic drainage is recognized today as one of the most beneficial body therapies, as it not only improves lymph and blood circulation, eliminating metabolic waste, reducing edema and treating the heavy legs syndrome, but also supports a general state of well being.

Supports slimming and body reshaping

Relaxes and regenerates the body

No downtime

Fast and visible results

Recommended for: arms, legs, overall well-being.

Using the BTL Lymphastim technology, the AVRA treatment for lymphatic drainage is recommended both as a stand alone treatment as well as combined with the treatments performed with BTL X-Wave, BTL Exilis Elite and BTL Vanquish Me technologies, improving their outstanding results by accelerating the process of eliminating the destroyed fat cells and other metabolic waste produce.

The special Velcro costume that you will wear during the treatment inflates and deflates, pressing and realising the skin and muscles, stimulating the lymphatic flow, helping the evacuation of metabolic residue and strengthening the immune system.

The Lymphastim treatment fights cellulite, detoxifies and regenerates the body, relaxes the muscles and supports the body reshaping and volume loss therapies. If you are suffering from lymphedema, the pneumatic compression will support the proper flow of lymphatic fluid, reducing the swelling and resulting many times in a visible loss of centimetres right after the treatment. The preset aesthetic therapies of Lymphastim improve the oxygenation of the blood and help the skin regain its youthful look.

In order to enhance the Lymphastim treatment results and its health benefits, follow the AVRA therapists recommendation for hydration before, during and after the treatment.

* Results may differ from person to person


BTL Lymphastim

Find out more about the advanced solution offered by BTL Lymphastim in lymphatic drainage, please visit our Technology section.