Endermology, an innovative technique for your skin, at Avra Aesthetic Institute

LPG Alliance is a modern device that brings the benefits of endermology closer to your skin, through AVRA Aesthetic Institute.

A state-of-the-art creation of the top French company LPG Systems, the device is based on a patented technology – endermology, which stimulates the skin surface and cellular activity, mechanically and non-invasively. The results obtained: visible rejuvenation and incredible transformations, which we invite you to discover further.

What is endermology?

It took about 30 years of research and innovation for endermology to achieve its current performance worldwide. Briefly, endermology is the only non-invasive technology for mechanical stimulation of the skin, which reactivates the natural cellular metabolism, being an ideal choice in the fight against premature aging of the skin, cellulite, as well as in the weight loss process. This technology is also known as “subdermal massage” or “lipomassage”.

Devices that use endermology technology, such as the LPG Alliance Skin Identity Sensor, generally work on the principle of pressure-vacuum massage, while aspirating small portions of skin, using motorized rollers. Specifically, the respective rollers automatically rotate in the opposite direction and catch the tissue, and between the rollers is the vacuum system. In this way the blood circulation is stimulated, producing at the same time a relaxing effect of the skin.

The technology has immediate results on the treated areas, which improve from one treatment session to another.

At AVRA Aesthetic Institute, LPG Alliance is used, with multiple benefits, both for the face and for the body. The technology does not involve pain and has no side effects. Through a special sensor the device identifies the level of skin damage, so that the software will automatically know what movements and what intensity to use.

After using the LPG Alliance, you will notice the best anti-aging and weight loss results. 

  • The results are remarkable, right from the first session
  • The treatment is personalized, depending on your needs
  • Endermology will become part of your healthy lifestyle

Body endermology

Two scientifically certified technologies work synergistically to remove adipose tissue and improve skin quality. A personalized treatment with our device has simultaneous effects of weight loss and body rejuvenation.

LPG Alliance Skin Identity Sensor allows precise adaptation of stimulation to the needs of each skin identity.

Body treatment sessions last between 10-50 minutes.

Good results are visible from the 3rd meeting:

  • The appearance of orange peel decreased by 67% after 3 sessions
  • A 71% firmer skin after 3 sessions
  • The waist circumference is reduced by 5.2 cm, after 12 sessions
  • 70% less localized adipose tissue deposits