The Vanquish ME treatment for body reshaping

Your body shape goals are uniquely yours, but can be more easily achieved with the support of innovative technology and our team of experts.

In time, you might have noticed that some areas of your body resist even the strictest diet and the most intense work out regimen. To tackle the problem of excess fat in the abdominal area, AVRA body reshaping Vanquish Me treatment offers a quick and efficient solution.


  • Melts fat
  • The largest treated area in the industry
  • Long lasting results
  • Contactless body shaping treatment
  • Comfortable and painless

Non-invasive, contactless and requires no recovery time!

Having the largest treatment area in the industry, Vanquish ME guarantees the fastest and most even results, as well as the highest level of comfort and safety. All these, with absolutely no BMI limitations for the therapy, making every body fit for the protocol.

Using the patented Selective RF™ technology, Vanquish ME is the only technology that can reduce the circumference of the entire abdominal area at the same time. The Avra Vanquish ME treatment for body reshaping disrupts fatty cells through the selective heating of adipose tissue, a process that leads to fatty cell shrinkage and elimination.  The lymphatic drainage treatments performed at AVRA with the Lymphastim technology will support the elimination of the residual cells, for faster and better results.

The Vanquish ME body reshaping treatment is non-invasive, contactless and requires no recovery time. With protocols times up to an hour, that you can easily squeeze during your lunch break, you can return to your daily activities right after your AVRA appointment.

The recommended protocol will be given by our therapists, following a complete evaluation, that takes into account body measurements and parameters, as well as diet and lifestyle information. Most people see changes 2 to 3 weeks after the first treatment, when the body naturally eliminates the disrupted fat cells. To support you in reaching your goals faster and maintaining the results long term, the AVRA body reshaping protocols include a free nutritional consultation, custom made nutrition plan and diet monitoring by a licensed nutritionist.

* Results may differ from person to person


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To find out more about the technology behind the Vanquish Me treatment for body reshaping, please visit our Technology section.