The X-Wave and Exilis protocol

The factors affecting the way your body looks and feels are complex, and many times the solutions to getting back to your perfect shape also need to be combined in order to reach that goal and sustain the results long term. The X-Wave and Exilis Elite AVRA protocol uses two of the most innovative technologies in the world in the treatment of cellulite, offering amazing, visible results, from the first session.

  • Effective treatment of cellulite
  • Skin tightening
  • Non-invasive procedures
  • No downtime
  • Fast and long lasting results

Recommended for: legs, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms

In this protocol, BTL Exilis Elite is used for its results in diluting fat cells and cellulite, reshaping the areas targeted, through the innovative technology that use of the ultrasound and continuously pulsating monopolar radiofrequency, combined with a special cooling system. The results of the therapy is a loss in centimeters, as well as skin tightening, improvements in skin structure and skin elasticity.

Using the acoustic wave energy, the X-Wave treatment stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces edema and eliminates the lipids from the subdermal fat cells, while also inducing the proliferation of fibroblasts that create a new, thickened band of collagen. When applied on the skin, the head of the machine makes a vibrational motion, pulsating on the skin and muscles with a powerful, yet painless movement. The electro acoustic therapy performed with X-Wave is reducing the ”orange skin” appearance, while also tightening the loose skin and improving the skin tone.

Our AVRA therapists will recommend a personalised treatment plan for you, following the complete body evaluation session.

* Results may differ from person to person



To find out more about the technology behind this protocol and its results, please visit our Innovation section.

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