Universkin is a revolutionary tool, with which we can create custom-made skincare solutions for each individual based on their personal needs. Such a personalized skincare tool delivers optimum results according to what your skin needs.

By selecting the adapted active ingredients according to your unique needs, any skin concern can be met effectively and precisely.

Success is based on:

  • Precision: only the active ingredients you need in the correct concentration
  • Adaptability: evolving formula according to your age, season and targeted area
  • Efficacy: Purity and freshness of active ingredients for clinically proven results
  • Professionalism: Dermatologically tested ingredients, which minimize the risk of irritation or allergic reaction

The Universkin Approach

Create effective skincare solutions by adapting the specific active ingredients, their concentrations and the duration of the prescription to each skin individually. With Universkin everyone has access to dermatology based skincare right outside of the box, with no need to plan daily which combination of creams to apply to achieve the best results possible. By using your personally designed skincare formula you only get what your skin truly wants by opting for what suits your needs and not applying on your skin other ingredients that may not have the desired effects.


Visit AVRA and undergo a skin analysis or fill in the questionnaire below. After you receive your skin diagnosis and finally the specialist creates your one-to-one tailor made formula. Thus, this specific formula targets most effectively your personal skincare concerns.

  1. CONNECT: fill out the questionnaire and connect with AVRA: http://www.skinxs.com/diag/avra-institute
  1. CONSULT: you will be offered the best advice based on your concerns and needs to tackle any condition your skin might face. Create your formula in a matter of minutes.
  2. CONTINUE: your formula will last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks according to the direction of use. As your skin and the environmental factors around you change and evolve so does your formula. Our specialist will be next to you and guide you through the process of gaining and maintaining a glowing skin forever!

This is why Universkin is more than just a skincare routine, it is a personalized treatment plan which delivers exactly what it promises.


In case of personalized formulas that contain certain active ingredients which are photosensitive for the skin, AVRA Institute doctors will not recommend the use of the product during the summer, since these certain ingredients are recommended to be used from the autumn months until spring time. Also, if you are using other products with acids or photosensitive ingredients you should stop using them before starting to use Universkin serum.



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