Venus Viva™ with RadioFrequence Treatment To restore the skin surface

Venus Viva™ RF is a non-invasive solution to restore the skin’s surface, correcting skin problems and improving the appearance of the skin suffering from post-acne scars and other types of scara, stretch marks, rosacea, dilated pores and deep wrinkles. This treatment also corrects pigmentation and non-uniform texture of the skin.

  • Profoundly resctructures the skin
  • Long Term results
  • Reduction of scars, wrinkles and stretch marks
  • Fast and effective treatment with no downtime
  • Safe for all skin types

How does it work?

The Venus Viva™ treatment for skin rejuvenation makes use of an applicator based on NanoFractional RadioFrequency,  with small pins, which emit selective heatwaves through the channels it creates intradermically (on the skin surface). Thus, it creates small, microdermal lesions (burns), which activate the natural healing process by stimulating the production of collagen fibres and elastine, reparing thus any visible signs at skin level. Considering that the lesions are very small, the treatment is a lot more comfortable that traditional ones with CO2 laser, but the results are similar.

The AVRA specialized therapist may recommend an additional treatment of Venus Viva with the DiamondPolar™ applicator, for maintaining the results and further amelioration of fine lines and wrinkles.  The Venus Viva DiamondPolar™ applicator uses Multi-Polar RadioFrequence and Electro Magnetic Pulse fields (PEMF) to produce a uniform  heat field on the surface of the skin. This process assists in the creation of new fibres of collagen and elastine, resulting in a smooth and firm skin, leaving the skin apparently more youthful and fresh.


Venus Viva™ RF  is a safe treatment for all types of skin, differentiating it from other treatments that may not be used for darker skin types.


You may return to your daily activities immediatelly after the treatment, and in your normal daily skin care routine after 24-48 hours after treatment.  Healing will take place over a period of 1-4 weeks, according to the treated problem, the intensity used and the reaction of each organism. Inflamation dissapears within 24-72 hours after treatment, and small  skin crusts will appear, which will  exfoliate in a few days.


Treatment sessions last from 15 to 30 minutes. For best results for skin rejuvenation, dilated pores and post-acne scars, it is recommended to undergo 3-6 sessions with an interval of 4 weeks between them. For reducing wrinkles, it is advisable to do on average 6-8 sessions per area. The total number of sessions needed varies from person to person according to the intensiti lever used and the reaction of the skin in particular.


Profound long lasting results.



To discover more information about the innovative technology used for skin rejuvenation, please access the Technology section.

Treatment is effective for:

  • Post acne scars
  • Scar marks
  • Stretch marks
  • Rosacea
  • Dilated pores
  • Deep wrinkles
  • Pgmentation
  • Non-uniform skin texture
  • Skin texture irregularities

*Rezultatele pot varia de la persoana la persoana.