Tricks to increase the effect of skin care products (1)

Tricks to increase the effect of skin care products (1)

Seal the active ingredients

One of the best ways to stimulate absorption is to seal the active ingredients with heavy, occlusive ointments. Fatty ointments and creams with large amounts of natural fats, oils and waxes make the best occlusive agents, according to cosmetic chemists. But don’t start applying Vaseline over every care product in the care cabinet you apply to your skin. Never seal retinoids, acids, vitamin C or hydroquinone, as they double their strength and can cause skin irritation. Also, skip this step completely if your skin is prone to acne.

Keep the retinoids for the night

These superheroes give the best results under the cover of darkness, because they degrade and lose their efficiency in contact with the sun’s rays.

The night has another advantage over the day: the skin temperature rises by half a degree while we sleep, because the internal organs pump more blood into the skin. With higher temperature and dilation of blood vessels, the penetration of ingredients into the skin is greater. Although it is not a huge difference, the skin absorbs more overnight, which is true for any ingredient you apply before bed, not just retinoids.

Try the serums

When you want maximum impact from a perfume, buy the perfume, not the scented shower gel. Similarly, you will find the strongest dose of active ingredients in the serum – not, for example, in skin cleansers. A serum is a concentrated source of active ingredients in a simple form, which penetrates very quickly and completely, unlikely by lotion-type emollients that make it difficult for the active substance to penetrate the skin.

Combine products efficiently

Some ingredients are stronger together. UV protection and antioxidants, for example, go hand in hand, as dermatologists say. Being the first to absorb ultraviolet rays, the antioxidant neutralizes free radicals created by these rays before they can damage. If the SPF does not include antioxidants, apply a layer of antioxidant serum before the sunscreen product. Many antioxidants also supplement peptides, increasing the skin’s ability to protect itself and heal. Retinoids and hydroquinone are another dynamic duo, commonly prescribed for hyper-pigmented spots.

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