Tricks to increase the effect of skin care products (2)

Tricks to increase the effect of skin care products (2)

Exfoliate the skin first

Dead cells on the surface are like a barrier that prevents the active ingredients in the products from penetrating the skin. For the products to do their job, this barrier must be removed. The best way to remove dead cells is to exfoliate. Ordinary skin cleansers release pores by removing dirt and sebum, but to really increase the absorption of ingredients, you need an enzyme-based or acid-based cleanser. Avoid scrubs because they are aggressive on the skin and are not nearly as effective as cell exfoliation performed by an enzyme or acid cleanser.

Follow the order

The skin also has a firm policy of receiving ingredients. What is applied first penetrates best. So, whether it works against wrinkles, pimples or hyperpigmented spots, the most active ingredients must be applied first. If you use two products for two different problems, apply one on clean skin in the morning and the other in the evening on clean skin, so that you benefit 100% from the effectiveness of both products. After applying the treatments, continue with the application of the other products in the order of density, from the thinnest (serum) to the thickest (sunscreen or night cream) and depending on the basis of the formulation: apply the non- oily and last oily products because they form a protective film that prevents water-based products from entering the skin.

Apply the products on freshly washed skin

Slightly damp skin acts like a sponge, quickly absorbing anything it receives. This rule applies to almost every product – even retinoids. The only exception? Mineral sunscreen. Products with mineral SPF are designed to sit on the surface of the skin and reflect the sun’s rays. On damp skin, mineral blocks tend to apply unevenly, do not cover well.

Wash your face with warm water

When you wash your face with lukewarm water instead of cold water, the skin temperature rises slightly, causing blood vessels and pores to dilate in an attempt to cool down. The space between the cells means that there is a larger surface area for absorption, which helps the product to enter. In addition, the ingredients move through the skin and interact with the cells faster when the skin is warm.

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